It's Bristol Baby (But It Doesn't Feel Like It)!

Mother Nature picks some inopportune times to act up.  For instance, it's race week (we all know that by now).  The weather setup is rather unsettled, and that has been the case over the past few weeks. 

We usually see temperatures like what is shown in the graphic at the top of this post.  The current forecast for the week features exactly that; warm, humid and scattered showers/thunderstorms.  (However, the atmosphere has been quite volatile as of late, and things are subject to change should any little deviation in the current weather setup occur.) 

It's summer, (It's Bristol, baby!) but it hasn't been feeling like it as of late.

While a fair amount of meteorologists in the southeast CANNOT WAIT for Autumn, it has felt like the season of pumpkin-spiced everything (thanks to my friend, Katie, for that phrase) in some aspects.   Take this graphic for example:

Dating back to 1938, this is the eleventh coolest start to the month of August, based on the average temperature per day.  Pretty striking, isn't it?  After our sixth coolest July on record (based on the average temperature per day), we are keeping on that track of below average temperatures. 

Twelve of the first 17 days in August have featured high temperatures below the average of 85.  From the looks of it, today will be the 13th below average day out of 18.

Let us not forget, though, that we haven't been cool all year round.  June had 24 days where the high temperature exceeded what we "normally" see.  The average temperatures in April, May and June all exceeded "normal" values. 

IMPORTANT:  Let me also take this time to remind you that what I'm showing you means it has been cooler than the average for one month in one location.  This data does NOT by any means qualify as evidence for either side of the global climate change debate.  Global pertains to the world, and climate pertains to atmospheric conditions on a large scale in both time and in space.  One month is not enough to be deemed in the realm of climate, and the Tri-Cities viewing area is not global.   

But it's race week, and the buzz around town is hot!  Will the weather be?  Stick with the StormTrack 5 team for the latest throughout the week.

---Meteorologist Chris Michaels---

Facebook: Chris Michaels WCYB

Twitter: @WCYB_Michaels


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