RACE WEEKEND UPDATE: Heavy rain late Saturday-Sunday may cause flooding in spots

VIDEO: Heavy rain late...

While Kyle Busch and Joey Logano spent some time dodging each other's fists weeks ago, we'll mainly be dodging raindrops this weekend.  As we've been saying all along, we don't think it will rain the entire time between now and Sunday.  However, when it rains - it pours.  

We'll have some dry time during the day Saturday, which makes us hopeful for the Fitzgerald Glider Kits NASCAR Xfinity Race 300.  Still, due to the heat and humidity of the day -  a few pop-up storms may develop before the main event late Saturday night into Sunday.  

During the August race, we accumulated roughly two inches of rain in the Tri-Cities.  As many of you remember, this was enough to push the race to Monday and cause some flooding in low-lying areas.  

This time around, that's our concern - a push back in the Food City 500 and flooding in spots.  

For those of you familiar with the landscape around BMS, you know the many creeks and low-lying fields that surround it.  They easily flood after these widespread rain events.  

So while damaging winds and hail will be kept to a minimum, the main threat this weekend (especially late Saturday through mid-day Sunday) will be the rain.

By looking at four main forecast models, we see a range of outcomes.  The worst case scenario is that of 3-4" in spots by the time the sun goes down Sunday evening.  The lower range totals are still an inch of rain.

For widespread flash flooding to occur, we'd need 4-5" of rain to fall in a 24 hour span.  (We would need anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches to fall within 3 hours for flash flooding to occur.)  While that's unlikely, we'll still see enough rain for creeks/streams and low-lying areas to see some flooding between Saturday night and Sunday.  

The main thing for you to do, especially if you're heading to the race, is to:

a) Have a way to stay dry (ponchos, vehicle, meeting spot, etc). 

b) Have a way to get information (should any flood alerts be issued)

c) Don't freak out.  That's what causes us to drive through flooded roadways.  Should you come across one, turn around and find another way.

We'll be keeping you posted on the latest weather conditions on air, online, on social media and on the StormTrack 5 mobile app.

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