For the Record Books!

There may not have been severe thunderstorms, or a tropical system off the coast, but that's not all it takes to get a weather nut going!  Dave, Donnie, David and myself get into this crazy field for days like the past two.  While it may not be the most weekend-friendly weather, I still find it fascinating. 

We went from a four day stretch (July 11th-July 14th) where our high temperatures were at or above 90 degrees, to a day where we couldn't even get above 70 degrees.  That's right, folks!  When you woke up yesterday, the calendar read July 18th.  For me, it felt like an October day; one where I would grab a blanket and a bag of chips and rush to my couch to go watch some football. 

July 18th, 2014: the high was 69 degrees.  As you can imagine, that was the lowest high temperature for the date.  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

Between Thursday and yesterday, we broke three different weather records.  Here they are:

Our high of 69 on Friday was the tenth time a July high temperature was below 70 degrees; that's the tenth time in 76 years, to be clear.  Our low of 52 degrees on Thursday morning was the second low temperature below 55 this July at the airport, and marks the 57th such occurrence in a 76 year history.  Lastly, the rain we received on Friday is the most one-day rainfall at the airport since February 3rd of this year and the record for July 18th.  Holy statistics, Batman! 

Now you know why I say that this gets weather nuts going well...nuts!  And I'm sure I'll hear or see a few comments such as, "So much for global warming."  The point of this blog is not to start a climate change debate.  Believe me...that is not the point!

I do feel, though, that it is necessary to talk about how we have been unseasonably warm on the average this summer. We have seen the 90 degree mark thirteen times so far this year, and here's how that stacks up with history:

It's been interesting.  My first two months on the job have included 90 degree heat, a rainfall deficit that has been eaten into a little bit over two days, and lots of records to talk about.  Yeah...I think I'm going to enjoy this job!  ;)

---Meteorologist Chris Michaels---

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