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Drivers stuck in snow Kentucky

Drivers in Kentucky on move again after hours stuck

Patrick and Sue Ellen Kilgallon knew the storm was coming. They tried to get out of northern Kentucky on Wednesday night. Instead, they got stuck in the snow on Interstate 65.

The Florida couple and their two dogs were still there Thursday morning, m...

Winter storm 3

Millions of Americans: 'Enough with winter'

It's not quite from sea to shining sea, but the latest winter storm gets an "A" for effort (or is that an "E"?).

For its sheer size, this one is a monster, stretching from New Mexico to southern New England.

If you're keeping track on your maps at home...

Winter weather Chicago snowblower

This weather system has a bit of everything

Southerners, don't pack your sweaters or heavy coats away just yet. You're probably going to need them for a few days.

A cold front is headed across the country. Enjoy the warmth until it gets where you are, because after that temperatures are going t...

Child sledding

Capitol grounds sledding ban upheld

The Capitol Police killed the hopes and dreams of thousands of D.C.-area children (and at least a few dozen Hill staffers) Wednesday night when it reaffirmed a city ban on sledding on the Capitol grounds.


Winter touches Atlanta, clobbers areas north

This is a tale of two storms.

The one that (kind of) hit Atlanta and the one that hit everywhere else.

Atlanta's was anti-climactic. Everywhere else was worse. Ask folks along a line from Arkansas to Virginia.

Frosty window

South gets hit with another winter storm

A little more than a year ago, it quickly became frustratingly obvious that officials in Georgia were underprepared and overwhelmed by a winter storm.

About two weeks later, North Carolina had similar travel issues when a storm moved through the stat...

Chicago cold

South braces for snow, sleet -- and ice

A few weeks ago, metro Atlanta residents gleefully noted that a Georgia groundhog, ahem, failed to see his shadow -- a sure sign of an early Southern spring.

Looks like it won't be all that early.

Forecasters are calling for a wintry mix of precipitati...

Woman in coat cold weather winter arctic polar vortex

Sub-zero wind chills to grip much of US

For much of the U.S., stepping into a walk-in freezer will be a lot more comfortable than going outside.

From Minnesota to Texas, another blast of frigid weather is walloping the country. Here's what to expect:

Brutal cold

Wind chills will plunge to abo...

Most of Niagara Falls freezes

Winter weather claims dozens of victims

At least 23 people have died this week in the United States due to winter weather, CNN has confirmed.

A majority of the deaths --18 -- occurred in Tennessee.

Three of those people died in a fire in Knox County, Tennessee emergency management official...

Washington, D.C. Snowstorm

New storm drops more snow on East Coast

A new winter storm slammed the East Coast on Saturday, putting Washington, D.C. and Baltimore into the deep freeze. In Washington, 4-6 inches of snow and sleet were expected to accumulate by Sunday morning, the National Weather Service reported.

Animated Hurricane Map

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Enough Is Enough - sNOw More!

After three rounds of brutal winter weather, we await the arrival of a fourth snow storm in the span of just nine days.


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