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Barren Times Square

Northeast officials: Stay off the streets

Snow is falling at a faster rate. Wind gusts are getting stronger. And temperatures are frigid.

It may not look bad yet, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday night, but it will be soon.

"This is literally the calm before the storm. It's about to s...

Woman on NYC street blizzard

What you need to know about the blizzard

The first major snowstorm of 2015 is expected to hit the Northeastern United States on Monday and Tuesday.

The National Weather Service describes the storm as a "crippling and potentially historic blizzard" that could bring up to 3 feet of snow, heavy...

Storm shoppers

How to skip the pre-blizzard frenzy in stores

With a powerful blizzard expected to hit New York, stores are packed with consumers clamoring for storm supplies.

But the savviest New Yorkers are skipping the lines all together. They're making messengers do the dirty work for them.

On-demand delive...

Blizzard fliers

Blizzard costs fliers big bucks

Blizzards cost airlines a ton of money -- but they actually hit passengers harder.

NYC in the snow

Amorous New Yorkers seek 'blizzard buddies'

Forget the bread and milk. Some snowbound New Yorkers are seeking a more, er, intimate kind of nourishment.

Noreaster winter storm

NYC mayor: 'Don't underestimate this storm'

This is no ordinary snow storm, weather experts say.

The National Weather Service is using terms such as "life-threatening" and "historic" to describe the system ready to spread across the Northeast.

The storm could dump up to 3 feet of snow in Boston...

Snow northeast Jan 24 2015

Northeast gets a sloshy taste of winter

It's winter after all.

For large swaths of the Northeast, Saturday arrived with a messy mix of sleet, snow and rain -- with parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey receiving as much as 8 inches of snow before the storm set its sights on New England.

An es...

Map of Jan

4.4-magnitude quake shakes California

A 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook west-central California on Tuesday morning, centered about 120 miles southeast of San Francisco, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Towing crashed car

More winter weather ahead after deadly storm

After freezing rain and snow glazed roads across the Northeast, leaving as many as six dead, more misery awaits Monday.

Winter, cold, snow, icicles

Ice causes hundreds of accidents in the Northeast

The mayor of Danbury, Connecticut, appears to be the first to give the Northeast's ice storm a hashtag: #Icezilla.

Animated Hurricane Map

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The Coldest Day In The Tri-Cities

30 years ago, a cold outbreak like no other impacted northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia.  However, we weren't the only ones suffering the bitter cold.


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