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Tourists stranded, Hurricane Odile

Hurricane strands tourists in Mexico

Authorities in Mexico say thousands of tourists were trapped after Hurricane Odile left airports unable to reopen.

California fires night firefighters

Arson arrest as 10 wildfires scorch CA

As 10 wildfires raged across California, authorities accused one man Thursday of having deliberately set one of the larger fires that was burning nearly uncontrollably over 111 square miles, officials said.

Hurricane Odile damage, Cabo San Lucas damage

Tropical Storm Odile drenches Baja

The once-powerful Hurricane Odile weakened to a tropical storm as it worked its way across the Baja California peninsula early Tuesday.

Still packing 65 mph winds, the storm lashed the region with torrential rains and the potential for flash flooding,...

Wildfires Calif

Wildfires char Northern California

Wildfires raced across Northern California overnight, charring at least 9,000 acres and forcing thousands from their homes, fire officials said.

Hurricane Odile damage, Cabo San Lucas

Hurricane Odile slams Mexican resorts

Hurricane Odile snapped palm trees like twigs, washed out roads and left tourists trapped in Mexican resorts Monday.

Even as it weakened into a Category 1 hurricane, the storm threatened to bring torrential rains and flooding as it moved over the Baja...

Typhoon Neoguri waves

Hurricane Odile threatens Baja California

Hurricane Odile churned toward Mexico's Baja California peninsula on Sunday, threatening to slam the popular tourist destination with powerful winds and heavy rains.

Forecasters warned that the Category 3 storm could strengthen overnight.

As of 8 p.m. ...

Pakistan monsoon flood

Death toll climbs in India, Pakistan floods

The loudspeaker at a nearby mosque warned Ifat Najeeb what was coming.

Najeeb, 60, woke to warnings that a flood was imminent in the Gogjibagh region of Srinagar, Kashmir, where she and her husband live. Residents were advised to leave and move to saf...

California quake damage

California earthquake now blamed in one death

The powerful earthquake that shook northern California's Bay Area last month is now blamed for one death.

Nevada Flooding 09-09

2 dead as flash floods slam Arizona, Nevada

Flash floods that slammed parts of the southwestern United States are now blamed for two deaths.

Pakistan flooding

Flood rescue in India and Pakistan hampered

A huge relief operation is continuing across northern India and into Pakistan amid devastating floods that have killed hundreds of people and left tens of thousands more stranded.

Authorities in Pakistan, anticipating further rainfall and the passage...

Animated Hurricane Map

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