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Authorities: 2 juveniles confess to starting Kingsport fire

WATCH: 2 juveniles confess to...

Fierce flames tore through a Kingsport landmark leaving nothing but ash and rubble behind.

According to authorities, two juveniles have confessed to starting that fire Thursday. It destroyed the former Kingsport IGA building on Sullivan Street. Fire officials told us they were able to quickly identify those juvenile suspects after talking to witnesses.

Luckily, it was a vacant building and no injuries were reported.

The Kingsport Fire Department was working up until Friday morning to put out the flames, but the ceiling quickly caved in. Now debris and memories are all that remain.

"It's sad," Carolyn Sumner, who witnessed the fire, said. "It was awesome. I used to shop down here all the time. I mean it's a historic building. It's just sad this happened."

People were stopping by all day on Friday to take a look at the damage. Karen Cole used to work at the former grocery store and even though she knew it was set to be torn down, she thought she had more time to get one last picture of it standing tall.

"I said I can always come by and get a picture of it before they tear it down," Cole said. "These juveniles took that away from me. The first place I ever worked and they took it away from me."

The scene now remains blocked by yellow police tape. It's a reminder for vacant store owners to keep their buildings secure.

We will pass along additional information as it becomes available.

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