World record in 8K on line Saturday in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The annual Crazy 8s race is Saturday night in Kingsport.  A field of over four-thousand is expected for the 8K race, 3K walk and kids race.

The Crazy 8s is billed as the fastest 8K in the world because both the men's and women's world records have been set in this event.

The race winds through a figure-8 course down candle-lit streets and finishes inside J. Fred Johnson Stadium.

In 1996 Kenyan Peter Githuka set the world record with a time of 22:02.3. Race director Hank Brown says that world record helped the Crazy 8s take off.

"We started getting some better runners back in the mid-nineties," Brown told News 5 WCYB.  

"When Peter Githuka broke the world record that opened up everybody's eyes. Everyone from Kenya wanted to come to Kingsport."

Will a new world record be set Saturday night?

"You never know," Brown says.

"When Peter Githuka broke the record nobody heard of him and he came in here and just blew it away."

Registration for the race will remain open up until about thirty minutes before the 9:58 p.m. start time.

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