Abingdon's Zach Osborne grew up racing at Muddy Creek.

But an injury kept him out of competing in Saturday's Tennessee National Pro Motocross Championships at Muddy Creek Raceway.

A thumb injury sustained earlier this season during an on-track crash has him on the sidelines for the next 3-4 weeks.

"It's really something that's personal for me," Osborne told News 5 WCYB.

"I give my whole life to this sport so it's tough for me to be here."

Osborne said he has numerous friends and family members who were coming just to watch him race.

Muddy Creek Raceway officials confirmed to News 5 WCYB Saturday that this is the second of a three-year contract they have with the Pro Motocross series to host the Tennessee National Championships.

Osborne is now looking forward to 2015.

"I feel like I can win the race and even the series."

Despite not being able to race Saturday, he said he enjoys seeing what Muddy Creek Raceway - a track he has been racing at since he was six - has become.

"For them to finally make it into what it's capable of being is really cool for me to see."