Player of the Week: Gavan Meade

POSTED: 4:24 PM Sep 28 2012

After playing Clintwood High School last week, Lebanon head coach Phil Henley said about his team, "we were boys among men."

During the Clintwood Green Wave's 42-6 win, no man stood taller than running back Gavan Meade. Meade scored not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six touchdowns.

"Last year I scored five touchdowns but I've never scored six before. I was just really surprised," Meade told us. "I never thought I would score six touchdowns in a game."

Meade finished the game with 200 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns on 26 carries. He also had a 95-yard kick-off return for a touchdown.

"When you got it going and you get in a rhythm, it doesn't matter if the hole is three feet wide or a foot wide. You are just looking for the hole and when you see it you just go," he said.

Rick Mullins is the Green Wave's head coach. "When he got the call he produced really well. He gad a great game running the football," Meade's coach said. "He was seeing the field well."

Coach Mullins also credits Meade's teammates for paving the way for him. "Any running back is not very good unless people in front make blocks for him," Mullins said. "There were some holes there that maybe I could have ran through at times."

Meade also starts at linebacker for Clintwood and was a member of last year's state title team. Whenever his high school career ends, Meade hopes it's not the last time he plays football. "I'd really like to go to Virginia Tech. I went up there last weekend for an unofficial visit and got to watch the game and everything," he told us. "It was pretty cool. I'd go up there and be scout team, getting tackled everyday."