The Dobyns-Bennett Indians have looked impressive in three wins this season. They've had the power and the speed.

Last week they used both to beat rival Sullivan South. That game also produced our Player of the Week.

Dobyns-Bennett's win over Kingsport rival Sullivan South was sealed by one play -- a punt return by senior Devaun Swafford.

"I was like, 'I have to make the most out of this' in my mind and so I was just scanning the whole field," Swafford recalled.

And then something completely unscripted happened. "I had great blocks throughout the whole run," Devaun said.

Graham Clark is the Indians' head coach. "We got a couple blocks on it then we ran into one of our own guys. It was like, 'okay guys, get everybody out of the way,'" he said.

"I was going to go right and he altered me back so I guess that was a part of the play, all part of the plan for me to score," Swafford said.

Forty-six yards later, Swafford ended up in the end zone. It was a defining play in a 56-13 win.

It allowed head coach Graham Clark to unleash one of his classic one-liners: "He took away angles quicker than they took away angles from in geometry class years ago."

Swafford ended up scoring four touchdowns, racking up 146 rushing yards on just eight carries. "I promised my dad earlier in the week I was going to get in the end zone three times," he told us.

For his efforts, Devaun Swafford has been named our Player of the Week.