Newest Elizabethton Twin following his fastball

Newest Elizabethton Twin following his fastball

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. - From working at his father's excavation company, to a stint at an arts school, Brandon Poulson is now just following his fastball.

Poulson is a throwback to the days when pro scouts searched for top talent in obscure places.

He didn't play much high school baseball and then gave up the game after playing for a short time at the San Francisco Academy of Art.

"Decided I wanted to start life and work my way up in my dad's excavation company," Poulson told News 5 WCYB.

One day he got the itch and signed up for the California summer league. When he hit 100 miles per hour on the radar gun, scouts started showing up.

"I was just doing it for fun. By the third outing there were so many teams talking to me."

He eventually signed with the Minnesota Twins and landed in Elizabethton. Now he has television networks wanting to tell the story of the 6-foot-6 fastball pitcher who was discovered in an amateur league.

"I didn't realize how unique of a pathway I took until people started kind of  bringing it up to me and putting it in perspective."

Poulson will be available to pitch for the first time Friday when Elizabethton hosts Danville.

"He's big and he's athletic and he absorbs instruction and he seems to be able to apply things," Elizabethton Twins manager Ray Smith told News 5 WCYB.

"He asks questions, so with that combination I'm anxious to see him out there on the mound."

In Elizabethton, Poulson will be working on harnessing his raw talent and chasing his dream.

"Worst case scenario I'll be back at work, but hopefully I can make the most of this."

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