Local coach Wallace Ketron honored

BRISTOL, Va. - Former Blountville baseball coach Wallace Ketron was honored by his former players Saturday.

Ketron coached baseball and football at Blountville Central High School from 1963-1972.

He went on to become the superintendent of Sullivan County schools until he retired in 1992.

Over 70 former players and fans turned out Saturday at Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol to honor him with a lifetime achievement award for his contributions in coaching and teaching.

Ketron told News 5 WCYB he couldn't believe the turnout.

"I'm totally surprised," Ketron said.

"I thought maybe we might have five or six boys get together, but I couldn't believe it when I got here today. I had some of the finest young players anybody can ever hope to coach. I hope I challenged them to be good citizens, and they have been."

The 79-year-old Ketron spent over 33 years coaching in East Tennessee.

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