Haysi falls to Altavista in state semifinals

HAYSI, Va. - Haysi scored first, but then gave up the lead and couldn't keep up with Altavista in the state semifinals, losing 34-22.

The Tigers found the end zone on their first possession when Jalen Sykes hit Tanner O'Quinn for a touchdown pass. Haysi led 8-0 after the 2-point conversion.

After an Altavista score Haysi fumbled on the ensuing kick-off, giving it right back.

Altavista took advantage with a Juan Thornhill touchdown scamper for a 14-8 lead.

The Colonels found the end zone twice more before halftime, taking a 27-16 into the locker room.

The teams exchanged scores in the third quarter, as Altavista pulled ahead with a 34-22 lead.

The Tigers were never able to mount a second-half comeback, losing by the same score.

"First quarter until the end we were giving it all we had," Haysi head coach James Colley told News 5 WCYB.

"We just played a super team today. They outplayed us there in certain facets of the game. They had a lot more speed than we had and it was hard for us to handle it. They gave it all, every game they came out ready to play. It was a super season for the seniors."

Altavista advances to next week's state finals as Haysi's season comes to an end with a 13-1 record.

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