Fulmer meets with ETSU

Former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer met with ETSU officials Friday to offer advice on building a football program.

The College Football Hall of Famer has said in the past he would help ETSU in any way he can when it comes to bringing back the football program.

Fulmer spent time with acting athletic director Dr. Richard Sander and toured the mini-dome on Friday.

Sander told News 5 WCYB that Fulmer said bringing football back will do more than add another sport to the university.

"One of the things coach Fulmer tried to share is he thought it would really enhance the student life for students and really be a rallying point for people in Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport and Greeneville," Sander said. 

"If those places have a program to rally around it could be something really special."

The Tennessee Board of Regents will have make the final decision on the football program later this month.


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