Carl Edwards takes training to next level in Bristol

Carl Edwards training in Bristol

BRISTOL, Tenn. - NASCAR driver Carl Edwards prides himself on being a well-conditioned race car driver. Tuesday he spent time working out in Bristol.

Edwards teamed up with Bristol Motor Speedway and the ETSU football coaching staff to challenge himself in several drills at the Velocity Sports Performance training center.

He worked through a series of football-related drills with the coaches and then sat down to talk with News 5 WCYB about his training regimen.

The Sprint Cup Series driver hasn't always been a workout fanatic.

"I used to think that people wasted their time working out," Edwards said.

"Why would you do that? Then early in my career I saw a piece someone did on Mark Martin and I saw how dedicated he was to his fitness, just for that last little bit of advantage it might give him in a race car. That's what motivated me to start working out."

Edwards will return to Bristol next month and race in the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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