Bright future for Daniel Norris

Bright future for Daniel Norris

Johnson City, Tenn. - Johnson City native Daniel Norris has a bright future in the game of baseball.

The 21-year-old Science Hill graduate is rising through the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Last month, he was promoted to AA New Hampshire. "They say High A to AA is the biggest jump competition wise. You can see it guys get better, approaches get better at the plate. It's the same game. I went out there and proved to myself that I can compete there," said Norris.

Last weekend, Norris pitched in the Futures Game. It's an all-star game for some of the top talent in the minor leagues. The hard throwing lefty is getting closer to living out a dream that takes him all the way back to middle school.

"In 8th grade we had career day at Liberty Bell middle school. They asked what do you want to be when you grow up? I said a Major League Baseball player. They were like come on kid, what are the odds? I was like I don't care what the odds are I'm going to make it happen," said Norris.

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