BMS exploring another football game

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Tennessee and Virginia Tech will face off in a college football game in 2016 at the World's Fastest Half-Mile. Bristol Motor Speedway officials are now exploring the possibility of hosting another game at their famous race track.

With ETSU signing its first football class this week, News 5 WCYB asked BMS General Manager Jerry Caldwell if there are talks to invite the Buccaneers to play in a game.

"We've had a conversation with ETSU about their program, and that's about the extent right now," Caldwell said.

ETSU coaches have used the race track as a recruiting tool leading up to letter of intent day. Adam Mitchell, a Tennessee High senior who signed with the Bucs, says it is a major selling point.

"Playing in a facility that holds 160-thousand people, that's just something special," Mitchell said.

"In the recruiting process, the coaches mentioned it a couple times."

ETSU signed 47 players Wednesday. They will play their first game in 2015.

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