NCAA adding bowl eligibility contingency

Change to allow for otherwise underqualified teams to fill slots

POSTED: 6:01 PM Aug 03 2012
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The NCAA is redefining bowl eligible, extending the rules to allow for otherwise underqualified teams to fill available bowl slots.

At present, teams in the FBS must have a 6-6 regular-season record -- not including wins over FCS opponents.

New rules, defined as a contingency, would let 5-7 teams into the postseason if there are not enough eligible teams when the current standard is applied.

The NCAA would review bowl-eligible teams with first consideration given to a 6-6 team with allowance for one victory over an FCS opponent.

If bowl spots were still vacant, teams with 6-6 records with two wins over FCS would be considered.

From there, a 6-7 team that lost in the postseason conference championship -- ala UCLA, via NCAA waiver, last season -- would get priority followed by 6-7 teams that played a 13-game schedule and FCS teams transitioning to the FBS.

A 5-7 team with a top five Academic Progress Rating would be considered if bowl slots couldn't be filled applying all of the other outlined criteria.