Hokies safety taken off field in ambulance

POSTED: 11:46 PM Nov 08 2012
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Virginia Tech safety Michael Cole was taken off the field in an ambulance in the third quarter of Thursday night's game against No. 8 Florida State.
Replays showed Cole's head apparently crashing into the side of a Seminoles player on an 11-yard run by Lonnie Pryer. The redshirt freshman lay on the field face down for several minutes as medical personnel attended to him. They eventually loaded him onto a stretcher and put him in an ambulance.
During the 10-minute delay, most in the crowd stood watching in silence. They chanted "Let's Go Hokies" as the ambulance drove away.
The school's sports information department says Cole sustained a neck sprain but has feeling and movement in his extremities.
It says he was taken to LewisGale Hospital as a precaution.