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Barter Theatre brings music and memories to The Carter Fold

Bristol is known as the birthplace of country music, but it really started a little farther off the beaten path with one family in Scott County.

Four people hurt in car crash in Bristol, Va.

The single-car crash happened at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Euclid Avenue in Bristol, Va. 

Tennessee Highway Patrol

One person killed in Greeneville collision

A head on collision leaves one person dead in Greeneville.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

The science behind shaken baby syndrome

As legal experts question the science behind shaken baby syndrome, we talk to the experts about this diagnosis and how they prove it.

Greene County kids will get meals thanks to hospital donation

Kids in Greene County who rely on school for meals won't go this summer without food. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee will have stations set up around the county where kids can go for breakfast and lunch.

News about this year's Clinch Mountain Music Fest

It’s almost June and we’re seeing more and more festivals and concerts happening. Gate City’s free summer concert series kicks off with the Clinch Mountain Music Fest.

Children and meth: A story of an innocent victim

Sometimes the manufacture of meth endangers the lives of the innocent, of children like the one found at the scene of a meth arrest in Bristol, Virginia Wednesday night.

The story behind the canceled Amber Alert

The Amber Alert that concerned so many of you so much, that you stopped what you were doing to share the news with your family and friends earlier Friday, has turned out to be a hoax.

529 Day to save for college & maybe win a contest!

One of the biggest expenses most families have is how to pay for the children’s college education. That’s why 529 plans were invented. In fact, Friday, May 29, is 529 Day.

Jeremy Justice Stamper

Husband plans second wedding for wife who lost her memory

A Southwest Virginia man wants to give his wife a wedding she will never forget after a head injury wiped away here memory.


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