Wrecker businesses expect to stay busy as temperatures drop

BRISTOL, Va. - Icy roads make for some dangerous driving conditions, that's why employees at 'Bristol Wrecker Service', are standing by.
"We run more when there's bad weather. We usually pick up a lot more calls, wrecks, a lot of batteries going dead," says owner Justin Grubb.

But, the Akers family is traveling from Bland County, Virginia to Knoxville, and despite the ice, they say road conditions haven't been too bad.
"Pretty good. we're running about 60 mph. Traffic is moving good. We've seen a couple of cars in the median, but seems to be okay," says Dee Akers.

They tell News 5, thanks to road crews pre-treating roads and keeping them plowed, it's made for a safe trip so far.
"Plow trucks are out, they're running pretty good and everything. There doesn't seem to be any problems. I think everybody's running real slow and taking it easy, and I think that helps a lot."

However, side roads are a different story. We rode along with the owner of Bristol Wrecker Service, Justin Grubb, who got a call about a truck that ran off of the road.
Sheets of ice were covering that road, and as we arrived, so did road crews, waiting to clear it. One of many they've worked on this Friday.
Something traveler Don Ippiloto says, has made all the difference. "A little slushy, but plows are out, hasn't been too bad, just a little slow going," says Ippiloto.

     Employees at Bristol Wrecker Service say they do expect to get busier overnight, as temperatures drop.

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