Workers try to keep warm out in low temperatures

BRISTOL, Tenn. - While many are able to work inside with the heat on, others aren't as lucky.

Construction workers, farmers and electricians are out working, even on the coldest days of the year. "It can get aggravating, you just have to dress for it and expect the worst," said John Hardin, service technician.

"We're out in it every day, we're sort of used to the elements," said Sam Rock, dairy farmer.

Rock tells us he and his crew complete a simple task before stepping into the outdoors. "We always check the temperature and we put on more clothes," he said.

However, when the wind is blowing, even the thickest coat may not block it. Rock says they bring in other things to keep themselves warm and to make their work more efficient. "We've got a furnace that costs us more to operate because we've got to run heat in the barn; heat makes sure everything doesn't freeze," said Rock.

But sign waver George Brooks says he has a profession that doesn't require any extra heat because his movement keeps him plenty warm. "To me it's fun, I dress to stay warm. I sweat, but if I didn't dance I'd freeze. It wouldn't be fun," he said.

Brooks says he doesn't mind the cold one bit and showed us a few of his dance moves that he took from Elvis and Johnny Cash, saying it's what keep him healthy.

But while the temperatures may continue to drop, Rock tells us he won't complain. "You have to sort of like it to do it, or we hope you do anyway," he said.

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