Can you imagine being born in 1914? Ethel Wallace can.

Ethel is turning 100 on May 29th.

Her church, Fellowship Chapel, held a birthday party Sunday. She has been a part of the church for 37 years.

The party included several cakes, lots of food, and songs.

She hasn't reached a century yet, but she was named "queen" at her church for becoming its oldest member, which she said gives her a funny feeling.

Ethel also said the key to reaching 100 is "good clean living."

"I said I hope the Lord didn't let me die for [three] more days till I have my birthday," Wallace says.

Ethel has 2 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and 5 great great grandchildren. She has also seen 17 different presidents.

Her pastor said she is the sweetest woman at Fellowship Chapel, and people were lining up to congratulate her.