Woman gives birth while on life support

Woman gives birth on life support

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Her family is calling it a miracle -- a Tennessee woman gave birth to a baby while on life support. It's something doctors at the hospital say has never happened there before.

Family members tell us 36-year-old Candace Buck is finally awake after spending more than a month on life support; in arm's reach is a newborn baby girl, Chloe.

Buck's mother, Sharon Woodard, tells us just a month ago they didn't think this day was possible. On Christmas Day, Buck was put on life support at the Johnson City Medical Center after being hospitalized for severe pneumonia in both lungs.

She was 24 weeks pregnant with her third daughter. "Her lungs kept collapsing, and they kept having to put chest tubes in her lungs. She had a total of eight chest tubes," said Woodard.

Buck's husband Sean tells us just a week later, her condition worsened. "It would [have taken] a miracle for her to live," he said.

Doctors were getting ready to do an emergency C-section. "I was so scared. She was going to have to be C-sectioned, and they said it would probably kill her," said Sean Buck.

But at the last moment, Candace bounced back. Two weeks later, still on life support, she went into natural labor. Baby Chloe was born weighing 3 pounds and 4 ounces.

That week both mother and daughter had their ventilators removed, and they continue to improve.

We're told even the hospital staff is amazed. "They know it's a miracle. The staff here prayed, doctors prayed," said Woodard.

Candace's family says she still has weeks of recovery left, but the future is looking bright for both mother and child.

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