The victims of the shooting in Glade Spring had an emergency protective order in place against the shooter, but it didn't stop him. We went to find out exactly what those orders mean.

Washington County, Virginia Detective Stephen Reed tells us the orders help law enforcement certain rights to be able to arrest the suspect. He tells us if they violate any part of the order, they will be arrested and charged criminally. 

Reed says the protective orders can require absolutely no contact or can provide exceptions if needed.

He says the court denied 44-year-old Kevin Palmer, the shooter in Tuesday's incident in Glade Spring, access to the family home and car. "In this particular incident, it gave exclusive use of the residence to the wife and son, even though they stayed with her parents. They had exclusive use to the residence and he was not to have been there," Reed said.

Reed says the orders also require the suspect to turn in their concealed-carry permit. They are not allowed to purchase or transport a firearm.