WCYB employee retires after 44 years

Cheryl Stout Retirement

BRISTOL, Va. - After several decades, one of our own is retiring. Cheryl Stout has been with WCYB since the original owners took over 44 years ago.

At a ripe 18 years old, Stout came to the station searching for a job. "She started here just after high school, she started out in the sales department," said Johnny Wood, former morning anchor.

Stout joined the WCYB family in 1968, about six months before Johnny Wood. She served as the secretary in the sales department, right across the street from the current WCYB building.

Shortly after, Stout moved to the traffic department, where she stayed busy all the time. "She did not let grass grow under her feet because she had a lot of stuff to handle, that's for sure," said Wood.

The ladies in the traffic department say they'll miss her the most. "We're just sisters at work," said Carolyn Hicks.

"When you see someone every day, you connect with them and sometimes I'm closer with her than I am my own siblings because we work together all the time," said Janet Hicks.

However, they still wish her the best. "She's looking forward to it and I hope she does well in her retirement," said Carolyn Hicks.

"I wish her the best also, but I'm glad she's able to retire while she's still healthy and young and able to enjoy her family. She deserves it, she's given to the station many years and deserves this," said Janet Hicks.

Stout tells us she plans to work in the yard, clean out her house and most of all, and relax!

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