The Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff's Office held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon to release more details about a deadly crash.

The accident happened on Knob Creek Boat Dock Road when deputies say a car left the roadway, hit a tree, and burst into flames.

Investigators said Bounleua Sonekeo, 38, and Misty Dawn Sonekeo, 36, died Monday morning. "They were in the middle of a separation," said Sheriff Ed Graybeal.

Investigators believe Misty Sonekeo was stabbed some time before the accident. "We found large blood splatters and a lot of blood on the bed," said Sheriff Graybeal. "You can see where he had taken her downstairs to the car and put her in. They left the residence at that time."

Deputies said an autopsy will determine if she died from being stabbed or as a result of the crash.

Teresa Webb lives across from where the crash occurred. She said when she realized there was a car accident, she called 911 and waited for crews to arrive. "We couldn't have gotten close to the car because it was already on fire. The trees and the woods were already on fire," Webb said.

"They went over the rocks. The car hit the tree, flipped upside down where it is laying now and caught fire," Sheriff Graybeal explained.

Sheriff Graybeal says investigators aren't sure how fast the car was going, but there were no skid marks. "It doesn't appear that they hit any brakes. They just lost control and maybe tried to overcorrect, ran off the roadway. You can see how high they went up the tree once they went off the road and flipped over," he explained.

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