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Huge birdeating spider

Scientist stumbles upon puppy-sized spider

Arachnophobes, this story isn't for you.

Sexy Chili's cook picture

Chili's cook fired over shirtless kitchen pics

A Chili's cook in Florida is fired after posting "sexy" shirtless photos of himself in the kitchen on Facebook.

Man brings hatchet to school

Man brings hatchet to school; 'seemed like a good idea'

A Virginia man is accused of bringing a hatchet into a high school, telling a TV reporter it "seemed like a good idea at the time."

Restaurant bill, tip

Teen arrested after giving waitress tip covered in feces

Three college football players were involved in an incident at a local bar & grill in which a minor attempted to tip a waitress with dollar bills covered in…

Mom gives baby to heroin user

Mom accused of giving baby to heroin user

A Missouri teenager is accused of giving away her toddler to a heroin user and then claiming it was kidnapped.

Spider in stomach

Tropical spider burrows into Aussie man's stomach

An Australian man has been dubbed "Spider-Man" after a bizarre turn of events during a trip to Bali.

Portable toilets crash

Stinking mess: Truck carrying portable toilets crashes

A truck carrying portable toilets caused a stinking mess in California when it crashed and spilled blue deodorizer all over the highway.


U.S. tourist gets trapped in London bookstore

There's nothing like getting stuck into a good book -- but getting stuck in a good book store is a different matter.

Pumpkin spice latte stock up

Woman buys year's supply of pumpkin spice lattes

An Illinois woman loves pumpkin spice lattes so much, she's making it a year-round treat.

Haunted house

Haunted house worker gets a little too creepy

A haunted house worker in Illinois gets a little too creepy and is now charged with making inappropriate comments and touching patrons.

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Empty pockets

23 ways your laziness is costing you money

Companies thrive on our collective sloth. Make them earn their money by learning how your laziness is costing you cash.

Pittsburgh Dahntahn restaurant

Gawker's 16 ugliest American accents

Yo, Pittsburgh. You talk funny. At least, according to Gawker's rankings of America's ugliest accents.

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate through the years

The second child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge is due in April, the couple announced Monday. Take a look back at their royal romance.


Famous first tweets

Bill Clinton's infamous White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, has joined Twitter. Check out what she had to say and other famous first tweets.

Child sick fever

12 kids' symptoms you should not ignore

The wait-and-see approach is fine for some kids' health problems. But not these 12 symptoms you should never ignore.

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