Washington-Lee Elementary School on Focus School list

BRISTOL, Va. - One Bristol, Virginia school is under the microscope with the state department of education.

Washington-Lee Elementary School fell on the list of Focus Schools. This comes after students at the school didn't perform well on math SOL testing.

Bristol, Virginia Superintendent Mark Lineburg tells us they have already taken steps to help improve the test scores like reducing class size, adding math specialists, and adding an academic administrator.

Lineburg tells us a lot of factors go into test scores. "We're here to help, and we're going to help and bend over backwards to meet the resource needs for our community. That's what we feel our job is," he said.

Two Smyth County Schools, Marion Elementary and Oak Point Elementary, are on the list of improving Focus Schools.

Lineburg tells us they are having a meeting for parents to explain what it means to be a focus school next Thursday at 6 at Washington-Lee Elementary.

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