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Police lights file

Drunk driver sets up fake DUI checkpoint: cops

If you can't beat 'em, try to be 'em.

Restaurant, fine dining

What's that restaurant's name? I Don't Know

Children the world over can relate to this most blase of responses.

Bees flying

Driver pulled over with car full of bees

For some, it's a major fear -- the big bee who finds its way in your car and buzzes around, distracting you until you crash into a tree.

Woman with Calif oarfish

Rare 17-foot oarfish washes ashore in California

Annie MacAulay heard of the legendary deep sea monster for 20 years and then she finally saw it: an oarfish so long that it spanned the length of about three people.

An oarfish isn't necessarily a pleasant-looking animal. In fact, it may inspire dread...

Menswear Dog - White dress shirt, midnight-blue tuxedo

Fashion advice -- from a dog

It's easy to spot Bodhi walking down New York's Madison Avenue. He has a knack for looking fabulous in just about anything a well-dressed man would wear. His fans know him simply as Menswear Dog.


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