Visitors from all over on Memorial Day weekend

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. - Many people are hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend. Some people are visiting the region to see family, others are simply here for a getaway.

Members of the Century Medina Hog Chapter from Medina, Ohio, are carrying on a tradition. "Every Memorial Day weekend a group of us ride down this way, either to Kentucky, Tennessee, or Virginia, and spend the weekend," Ken Schulz says.

The group left Friday and later arrived at their destination in Whytheville, Virginia. "It was a half-day ride," Schuilz explains.

But Saturday, they made a special trip to Bristol. A lot of travelers we spoke to are going out of their way and making a pit stop to see Bristol Motor Speedway. "They're coming to see family, but first thing they want to do when they come to Bristol is see the race track," manager of Zoomers, Selma Rose tells us.

She tells us this Memorial Day weekend is bringing in travelers from all over. "Pushing about double [customers] what we were. It being the end of the month, I kind of thought it might be slow, but it's not going to be," she continues.

Schulz says cool weather was a bit of a problem Friday. "When we left it was mid-40s, very windy," he said.

Surprisingly, gas prices haven't been a big issue. "The gas prices are so much cheaper here! And it's a shame we think $3.20 is cheap gas," Schulz says.

But it's just allowing these riders to travel farther and make this an even more memorable holiday weekend.

According to, the average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is $3.66 a gallon. That's 17 cents higher than a month ago, but it's also a penny less than drivers were paying during last year's Memorial Day weekend.

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