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Twins times six in Big Stone Gap school

Twins times six in Big Stone Gap school

BIG STONE GAP, Va. - We recently did a story about two sets of twins graduating at the same time from Gate City High School.

That prompted a viewer to write us about even more twins, all in the third grade at Powell Valley Primary School -- six sets of twins in all.

The mathematical odds are staggering, what are the chances of six sets of twins all ending up in the third grade at the same time?

Getting them all together at the same time proves they've just spent too much time together. Maybe that's why they're not in the same classroom together now that they're in the third grade. "We were in pre-K, but then it went wrong, just like Jacob said it went wrong. If she was in my class I would run out," Devaughn and Sage Laverge say.

"No, I'm glad, no thank you," Gracie and Ryan Gibson added.

There's some rivalry, but in general everybody gets along. "We want to be kind of alike so we can switch classes, which we've done in kindergarten," identical twins Kayleb and Trevor Sturgill admitted.

"Sometimes we don't get along. A lot of the time we get along, but sometimes we don't. It's a brother-sister thing," Luke and Abby Sligle said.

In fact, four of the sets of twins are brother and sister. "Sometimes he gets in the way, like in your business," say Jacob and Megan Day.

What we discovered with all of these twins is the fact that they're twins doesn't mean they are exactly alike, except for their names. "We have the same last name," yelled a couple of the twins.

Don't worry, teachers -- summer vacation is coming soon.

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