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Road conditions bring helping hands

Good deeds

NORTON, Va. - As the light of day hit Norton, Virginia, many people were shoveling away, trying to clean up mounds of wet snow. That big snowfall caused trouble for not only drivers, but others as well.  

"There was a lot of ice and everything that we got melted off, turned to ice last night," said Steven Baker.

Ten public works crews spent all night trying to clean up the mother nature's mess. "Today they've got six or eight out, trying to get everything cleaned up and roads cleared," said Baker. 

However, they weren't the only ones putting in overtime. CJ Mills was about to drop his Fiance off a work when he noticed something. "[It was] just a big traffic jam. I just pulled my truck up and saw what was happening. There was a tow truck that was jack knifed in the road,"  he said.

And Mills knew just what to do, lend a helping hand. "I called my boss and got a piece of equipment and pushed the back end of the tow truck around, straightening it up in the road," he said.

Norton Police Sergeant Ken Adams told me Mills not only cleared the road but made a way for emergency response vehicles to get through. "He didn't just help get one tractor trailer free, he actually freed up four others that it was blocking. Yes he did, he helped the local police and the state police," Adams said.

A good Samaritan of sorts, on a cold winter's night.

Water remains in the road and police say they expect it to freeze this evening. They say if you plan to get out onto the roads, you need to drive slowly.

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