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Police still searching for missing man two months later

Police still searching for missing man

BIG STONE GAP, Va. - Police are still looking for a Big Stone Gap, Virginia man who they say went missing back in May. It's now two months later and his family is even more concerned.

Family members are posting signs with Terry Bishop's picture all over the town. They say someone, somewhere has to know something about their uncle.

Signs are hanging outside of Terry Bishop's home asking for help finding him and hoping he comes home safely.

"We're just trying to get the word out to make sure people don't forget," said Bishop's niece Lauren Rago.

May 8 was the last time anyone in the Big Stone Gap community saw the 60-year-old, better known by his childhood nickname Ghost. Click here to read more.

For the last two months family says someone is always sitting at Bishop's home just in case. "Somebody will be here to reassure him everything is going to be alright," added Rago.

Police say this investigation is challenging because Bishop left without a trace; his home was found unlocked with his keys inside and his medication was left behind. "Every tip that does come in is followed up and we try to check it out," said Sergeant W.A. Hollinger with the Big Stone Gap Police Department.

In fact, the search is stretching into Kentucky and Tennessee. "We've got pictures and emails out to all the local agencies," added Sergeant Hollinger.

Two months later and the family says they're not sure why Bishop went missing, but they're not giving up yet.

However, they're fearing the worst and hoping for the best. "The phone rings and they're constantly jumping at it. Somebody pulls in and they don't recognize the car, they're coming out to see hoping," said family member Beth Mitchell.

If you have any information on Terry Bishop's whereabouts please call the Big Stone Gap Police Department at (276) 523-0117. The family is offering a reward hoping for Bishop's safe return.

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