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Norton public works prepared for spring snow showers

Spring snow showers

NORTON, Va. - We're nearly one week into spring, but if you went outside today you might have mistaken it for winter.

There were snow showers across the area.

We went to Norton, Virginia where road crews were being proactive, working around the clock to keep the roads clear.

They say spring comes and brings showers with it, but many didn't expect those showers to be filled with snow. "I wish it would calm down a little bit. It's supposed to be spring break. It's supposed to be a little bit warm," said Robert Leonard.

"This time last year I was going to pound beach. It was like 80 degrees last year," said Peyton Stallar.

Steve McElroy, Norton Public Works Director, tells us snow this late in the year isn't completely uncommon. "Sometimes it seems like it's gone into the spring a little longer than it has in the past. Some of the big snows in earlier years have been in late March early April," said McElroy.

He says thankfully the weather didn't catch them off guard. "It never really completely quit this year, even though we've had some decent weather the last few weeks, the temperature hasn't gotten up like it has in the past," said McElroy.

So as the spring snow fell, they were ready. "We haven't taken our spreaders and snow plows off yet. So we kept them on," McElroy said.

McElroy tells News 5 the most important thing during a snow event is being proactive. "We'll have the night shift out tonight just because it doesn't look like this is going to stop in the next little bit," he said.

Norton Police Officer, Greg Mays has some good advice for anyone venturing out. "We'll probably see a little black ice and roads starting to freeze over as the sun starts to set this evening," he said.

Many people tell us they're just ready for the snow to go away. "T-shirts and shorts, that's what I'm looking forward to," said Stallar.

"Yes we are. We're ready for warmer weather," said Mays.

McElroy told us he would have crews working until the snow stops. So far, though, the Norton Police Department hasn't seen any wrecks from the bad weather.

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