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Norton Elementary School celebrates Rev Your Bev Day

NORTON, Va. - On May 15, 2013, the Lenowisco Health District will join youth activists, teachers and health advocates across the state to celebrate the first annual "Rev Your Bev Day."

Rev Your Bev Day is a statewide day of action spearheaded by Y Street, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth's award-winning youth activism program, to raise awareness about sugary drinks and their health effects.

"According to RevYourBev.com, soft drinks and sugary drinks are the single largest source of calories in the American diet," said Melanie Deel, health educator for the Lenowisco Health District. "Some studies indicate that with each sugary drink consumed per day, a child's risk of becoming overweight increases by 60 percent. And many of us don't even realize how many calories are in the drinks we consume. So with Rev Your Bev Day, we are trying to change the way Virginians think about sodas and other sugary drinks."

On Rev Your Bev Day, Lenowisco Health District staff will provide fun and educational activities for Norton Elementary School students and staff to emphasize the importance of avoiding sugary drinks.

The health district will provide displays and demonstrations during each lunch period at the school.

For more information on healthy eating and physical activity, click here.

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