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New drone technology could revolutionize mine reclamation

New drone technology could revolutionize mine reclamation

BIG STONE GAP, Va. - Drones could soon revolutionize the mine reclamation process.

Robi Stark with Sensilize spoke at Mountain Empire Community College in Big Stone Gap today. His company produces the "Robin Eye," a device containing eight cameras with various filters.

The device is attached to a drone and flown over old mines taking tens of thousands of images. It can collect as much as 30 gigabytes of data in one trip. The images are used to create maps showing vegetation, water, topography and more.

Decisions can then be made to reuse the land in the best way.

The device was flown over an old mine in Wise County this week as a part of a pilot program in Virginia.

"(The) incentive to bring this kind of technology is to encourage young, encourage entrepreneurship in this region," Stark said.

He hopes to license the technology to a local company.

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