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Doctors tell police 2-year old didn't choke

Emma Baldwin investigation

WISE COUNTY, Virginia - Authorities were called to Emma Marie Baldwin's home on Pole Bridge Road in October about a two-year old girl not breathing. She was taken to Norton Community Hospital and then flown to Knoxville where she died days later.

According to the search warrant, doctors told police there was no evidence of her choking on anything.

Doctors also told police they found injuries on Emma including bruises to the face and chin, on her back and buttocks, and on both arms. She had a broken right arm and trauma to the head.

The case has shocked and angered many people in Wise County, Virginia. "No child deserves that," said Nikki Hensley, a family friend. She said she was happy to hear that Emma's mother, Brandie Baldwin, and her boyfriend, Juwan Moore, were indicted by the grand jury in connection with Emma's death. "That sounds bad because its someone's life we're talking about that going to jail but Emma lost her life. And she deserves justice," Hensley said.

Wise County Commonwealth Attorney Ron Elkins said Baldwin was indicted for second degree murder and child abuse. She could face up to 40 years in jail if convicted. Moore was indicted on charges of capital murder and felony child abuse. He could face the death penalty. "It's a big thing to walk into a court and ask the jury to take someone's life. So in any death penalty case you have to be serious, ready and better be prepared," said Elkins.

Elkins said most of the testimony in this case will be based on the medical examiner's findings and the autopsy results. "What we do in child death cases is we look at the medial history first and then methodically look at everyone who has had contact or custody of the child," he explained.

He said child death cases are some of the hardest to work on. "We all grieve in different ways. We're passionate about our cases but we have to make sure we do everything right. And that's what we're going to do for Emma," said Elkins. "There is no winner in a child death case."

According to authorities, when police search the home on Pole Bridge Road, they found synthetic drugs, pills, needles and other drug paraphernalia.

The search warrant states Emma was in the care of Juwan Moore when the incident occurred and Brandie Baldwin was not home.

Right now both are being held at the Duffield Regional Jail without bond.

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