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Community supports cancer victim

God's Got This

Big Stone Gap, Va. - Nothing brings a small together more than a football rivalry, especially when it's homecoming.

But for Union High School in Big Stone Gap there's something else that's bringing the whole town together. It's a young freshman's struggle with cancer at Saint Jude's hospital in Memphis.

Evan Rasnick loves his high school football team and loves to go the games, especially when his older brother is one of the star players. Right now, however, he's in the hospital in Memphis; but he'll still see the game live from the internet.

Homecoming week at Union High School is in full swing and their game with rival Wise County Central is talk of the school. The students have heavy hearts -- one of their own, Evan Rasnick, is struggling with cancer.

His older brother Nathan and Evan's friends took time to talk about all of the support that's being shown around town.

Yard signs everywhere that say "God's Got This." When told of his condition that's the one thing Evan had to say -- "God's got this."

"The way this community and communities around and the school, I can't begin to explain how important that was and how blessed we are to live in such a place like this," brother Nathan said.

His brother would love to be at the game and see him play and by chance thanks to a local production company he will with live streaming of the homecoming game on the internet. "It's really important, it's a rivalry game he'd probably love to see," good friend Braxton Bishop says.

Something else the boys revealed was Evan's nomination to the homecoming court. One of his friends will stand in for him.

"I really didn't think about it but somebody just said his name in the auditorium, and that's what happened. I volunteered to do it for Evan and I don't care one bit to do it for Evan," best friend Hunter Dickenson said.

Also, a poem written by Evan will be read at the game. "It's about how he has faith in God and how he knows that with everybody's support and prayers that he can be able to get better and come home. That's how it feels when I read it," friend John Hall said.

And it's how the whole community feels. In their hearts and minds, God's Got This.

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