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88-year-old crochets for a cause

88-year-old crochets for a cause

WISE COUNTY, Va. - A young Southwest Virginia boy's struggle with cancer inspired an entire community with a statement he made when told of his condition -- "Don't worry, God's got this."

A local company even made a live broadcast of his brother's homecoming football game to him while he was in St. Jude's hospital in Memphis.

That was in the fall of 2012, and he has recovered and been sent back home, but that inspiration is still going on.

We found an 88-year-old grandmother who is still continuing to help other children fighting cancer.

88-year-old Beulah Hughes sits quietly in her sun room in Wise County crocheting away. She's making a pair of little booties that she will give away to a hospital for children who are sick.

She too has had her problems with sickness. She needed help around the house because of a foot problem. "Since I've been having my problem with my foot, they told me to stay off my foot as much as I could."

To pass the time, she began making little booties and hats as gifts. A lady who came to help her around the house just happened to have a son who was fighting cancer at St. Jude's. "She was telling me about how they need things down there. So I said, 'Would you care to take a box down there?' I sent over 300 pieces down to St. Jude's where they took the little boy," she says.

She's had eight heart attacks; a couple of them were severe. "The first two were terrible. I was in so much pain that I cried and begged God to take me home. I said, 'Please Jesus, take me out of this.' He wouldn't, and then after I heard about the hospital and how they can use things like that, I thought maybe that's what God left me here for," She said.

She had a calling to do something she loves to do while at the same time helping the littlest patients in their darkest hours. "When they don't have any hair on their heads, their little heads gets cold. Every time when I make anything like that I say, 'Please Jesus, heal them or take them home,'" she said, fighting back tears.

Something as simple as a little pair of booties or a little hat is sure have that healing effect.

She sent her booties and hats to St. Jude's. Other recipients include patients at hospitals in Gastonia, North Carolina, Kingsport, and Big Stone Gap.

She is also looking for other places to send them to.

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