Wise County

$35,000 donated to UVa-Wise nursing program

WISE, Va. - The Lonesome Pine Hospital fund will provide financial help to nursing students at the University of Virginia-Wise. 

Representatives of the fund recently presented a $35,000 check to University of Virginia-Wise leaders during a ceremony in Bowers-Sturgill Hall. The donation will provide $20,000 to upgrade patient simulators on campus and $15,000 to help students prepare for the Medical College Admission Test, Graduate Record Examinations and other graduate school admissions tests.

Ed Roop, the fund's chairman, said it was established to promote health and wellness in the community. He said this contribution the fund has made to the college aligns perfectly with the fund's goal. "This is an excellent opportunity to assist students in Southwest Virginia who will be saving the lives of our families, friends and neighbors," Roop said. "We are focused on having well-trained medical professionals delivering high-quality care to our patients, and this donation we have been privileged to make will go a long way in continuing that tradition."

Donna Henry, UVa-Wise's chancellor, said she appreciates the fund's leadership for investing in future caregivers.

Cathie Collins, the nursing department's chairwoman, said the $20,000 will help update the college's state-of-the-art simulation program. Specifically, the money will enable UVa-Wise to upgrade one of the mannequins students use to learn how to handle different medical cases.

Students perform care on the mannequins as their teachers create different afflictions in the fake body and observe how these young caregivers respond, Collins said. She said the mannequins help these nursing students increase their skills in a controlled environment before they participate in these activities on human bodies.

The $15,000 for testing preparation assistance will make a huge difference in some students' ability to pay, said Sanders Huguenin, UVa-Wise's provost. These classes can cost $700-$1,500, but the money from the fund will reduce the amount eligible students are required to pay to a maximum of $200.

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