Water outages and low pressure for some BVU customers

Beginning 11 p.m. Friday, February 21, to approximately 6 a.m. Saturday, February 22, BVU waterlines will undergo necessary repairs – resulting in water outages and low pressure in areas throughout Bristol, VA.

To minimize customer impact, our crews will be working through the night to create as few inconveniences as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we strive to improve your services.

See the list below for general affected areas.

WATER OUTAGE will affect customers north of and along Lee Highway between Travelite Road and Island Road. Customers in the planned outage area with alarm-enabled fire lines may expect alarms to sound. Local fire departments have been notified of this outage. The outage will include:

·         Travelite Road

·         Underpass Road

·         Hite Drive

·         Terrace Drive (and adjacent streets)

·         4 Winds Drive

·         Circle Drive

·         Flannagan Drive

·         Blevins Boulevard

·         Henry's Lane

·         Elbert Way

·         Kervin Drive

·         Wallace Pike (inside city limits)

·         Lee Highway (in the general area)

·         Island Road (in the general area)


LOW WATER PRESSURE will affect customers along Island Road from the Exit 5 area to the Exit 1 area. Low pressure areas will include:

·         Island Road

·         Long Crescent Drive

·         Parts of Meadow Drive

·         Autumn Ridge Subdivision

·         Santa Monica Drive

·         Green Tree Circle

·         Pinecrest Lane

·         Spring Drive (near Island Road)

·         Spurgeon Lane (near Island Road)

·         Hill Drive (near Island Road)

·         Van Street

·         Denton Lane

·         Harmony Drive

·         Wagner Road (near Island Road)

·         Bristol View Road (near Wagner Road)

·         Andover Drive

·         Pine Circle Drive

            Other streets in these general areas may notice some limited effects.


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