Washington D.C. coal rally

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Count on coal is a grassroots campaign sponsored by the National Mining Association.

Today in Washington D.C., the organization held a rally for American Energy Jobs.

Several thousand miners and family members attended the rally, including Virginia Representatives, Morgan Griffith and Phil Puckett along with Senator, Mark Warner.

Supporters of coal were critical of the Obama administration and its so called "War on Coal". The protesters says the new EPA regulations make it impossible for companies to use coal for fuel or to make electricity.

Miners like Joe Daniel of West Virginia say the anti-coal stance is hurting families and that coal is still the best answer for America's energy problem.  "bottom line, coal is the cheapest and most efficient way for energy to be found." said Daniel. "It was tried in the 80's....natural gas was, and it didn't last and it won't this time either".

Daniel says something needs to be done now to stop the war on coal. He urges everyone to contact Congress before it is too late.

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