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Volunteers building from foundation to help Dry Creek flood victims

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Local volunteers are busy helping victims build new homes on Dry Creek Road and some are planning to be working almost every day until homes are move-in ready.

Some might say leveling dirt is back-breaking work, but it means so much more for volunteers from Boone Trail Baptist Church. "Being able to help somebody get a home that had theirs washed away up on Dry Creek Road, this is a blessing," said volunteer Forrest Boreing.

Teams are now taking measurements, leveling dirt, and building from the foundation. "Then we're going to put the center beam in, then we're going to center our floor trusses, and then we're going to put floor on," added Boreing.

Soon, walls will be up and the house will look like a home, in fact volunteers hope to finish framing homes by this weekend.

From the ground up dozens of homes will soon be under construction, but there's a timeline for volunteers to get the first five homes ready for families by Christmas.

"I'm just one person but when you have a lot of other people willing to jump in and help you, bring you blocks, mix your mortar, it makes it a lot easier," said volunteer Bill Broyles with Cherry Grove Baptist Church.

Teams of volunteers will be from the community, even across the country, to help flood victims. "But most of all we're working for the Lord," said Boreing.

And it's overwhelming for homeowners to sit and watch their neighborhood get a new life. "It's going to be some awful pretty homes through the community. It'll look a lot different down here in a few months," said flood victim Doug Wilson.

Homes are being built for free and have a total of three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Volunteers can sign up to help through Appalachia Service Project, you can call the Johnson City office at (423)854-8800.

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