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White's Mill gets facelift

White's Mill gets facelift

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - It's a Virginia landmark and one of the oldest structures in Washington County, Virginia, and it's had a facelift.

Decades of history sit behind the walls of White's Mill as corn comes in and cornmeal goes out. "The 1790s is when we think it was originally built and it was restored in 1866 after the Civil War," said Jennifer Kling, Head of Operations at White's Mill.

However, the Mill hadn't been touched since. "If you looked at the mill a year ago, it looked like it was about to fall down. It really was," said Bobby Ingle, President of the White's Mill Foundation.

That's when renovations began, over $460,000 worth. "Our first phase was basically to shore up the mill so it wouldn't fall. That entailed doing some work around the footing of the mill. It wasn't a huge operation, but it let the mill stay intact until we could do this," said Ingle.

The second phase included new structure walls and siding, giving this old mill a whole new look; but it's only the beginning.

As the hammer hit the nail, the wheels began turning in the head of one then Virginia High Student, who wanted to help fundraise. "This past year I was the State President for the Virginia Society of the Children of the American Revolution. Each year the president picks a state project," said Carter Grace Bagnall.

She wanted to keep her project local. "I went around the state and local societies helped out," said Bagnall.

Raising nearly $5,000, a start to the $150,000 needed to get one more important piece of the puzzle finished, getting the wheel turning so it could be powered once more. "We always felt it was the most important phase," said Ingle.

"It's a beautiful location and it deserves all of the renovations and time that needs to be spent on it," said Bagnall.

So they can keep an old building that's been around for 200 years around 200 more. "We didn't want to see our most recognized landmarks fall down. Today I stand here very proud knowing that it's not going to fall down, it's going to be here a lot longer than I am," said Ingle.

The White's Mill Foundation is looking for more donations to help finish phase three. We learned they're holding a BBQ dinner on June 29 at 6 p.m. at White's Mill. It will be $10 for adults and $5 for children. All proceeds will go toward the mill.

We learned the foundation is hoping to start the third phase within the next year.

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