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Washington County deputy talks about quick response to 911 call

Deputy stops rape

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - UPDATE: The rape charges against Carlos Enrique Alegria were dropped on December 18, 2013. Click here for more details.


A Washington County, Tennessee deputy is speaking with us about his role in stepping in to save an alleged rape victim last Thursday.

It was just another day of work for Washington County, Tennessee sheriff's deputy Darrell Collins last Thursday, but this time when he got in his car to answer the call it was a little different. "Dispatch got me en route and on my way to the call. The call progressively kept getting worse," says Collins.

Deputy Collins tells us he responded to a call of an alleged rape in progress on Cash Hollow Road. He says the alleged victim called 911 on her cell phone and left the line open so dispatchers could hear what was going on. "Dispatch did advise that the subject was trying to get the phone away from her that they could definitely hear some kind of assault in the background, and that it was possibly a rape in progress," adds Collins.

Collins tells us the victim doesn't speak English; they had to call an interpreter to translate what was going on. "If it hadn't been for our language line and our dispatchers, I would have never been able to have gotten there," Collins said.

Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff Ed Graybeal tells us it seems like Deputy Collins got there at the right time. "I think we actually saved her life. She was in a lot of distress when he got there, and we had to get her to the hospital pretty quick," the sheriff told us.

Deputy Collins tells us the suspect is 27-year-old Carlos Enrique Alegria. "He did attempt to fight back or resist arrest, and that's when he was Tased and taken into custody," he said.

Now some are calling Collins a hero for possibly saving the woman's life, but he wants to thank the 911 dispatchers. Collins tells us he doesn't consider himself a hero. "Officers do the exact same thing every day. We break up domestic [disturbances] in progress where assaults are taking place all the time, and I was just the one that got the call," he said.

Alegria is still in the Washington County Tennessee Jail. His bond is set at $50,000.

Deputy Collins wants to remind everyone if something does not feel right or look right, to trust your instincts and call 911.

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