Washington County VA

Washington Co. wants inclusion in sales tax law helping Bristol development

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Washington County, Virginia is looking to reap some of the benefits of a Virginia law that's helping bring a development to Bristol.

Dulcie Mumpower, chair of the Washington County, Virginia Board of Supervisors, told us this year the county requested to be added to legislation to would allow Bristol, Virginia to collect a portion of state sales tax for to pay for The Falls development.    

This request was denied this session, but Mumpower said the county will request it again to keep an equal playing field when it comes to recruiting new business. "We want to be a part of the bill because we border Bristol, Tennessee just as Bristol, Virginia does and we think it's fair that we be able to have the same opportunities to be able to use tax dollars to attract businesses to come in to the county," said Mumpower.

Bristol, Virginia officials said the intention of the bill is not to hurt neighboring counties but to create a development that will impact the entire region.

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