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Voting for football to return

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - There is mixed reaction at East Tennessee State University, but the majority of students are in favor of bringing football back to campus.


The Student Government Association President Iqra Ahmad said, "I told our senators to go out and talk to students to get everyone's perspective. I didn't want this to be one sided."


One of those student senators was Lucas Hitechew. He said, "The senate took into account the students opinions we could gather.


Tuesday night the Student Government Association voted and of the 29 senators only 4 voted against raising the athletic fee by up to $125. The fee would help offset the cost of bringing football back to campus.


"Football coming back to campus is a new chance." Hitechew said.


The new program could bring a lot with it.

Student Jesse Jones said," It could increase morale, and what I personally am looking forward to happening is possibly a marching band coming back."


A larger cheerleading squad, school spirit, updated facilities and the possibility of new enrollments are all potential benefits.


This vote does not guarantee the program's return, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.


Student Audrey Smith said she is ready for football Saturdays," I hope it gets here soon, and the process is as fast as it can be."


The next step is for University President Dr. Brian Noland to present today's results to the Tennessee Board of Regents in hopes to move forward.

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