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Vintage toy auction in Gray, Tennessee

GRAY, Tenn. - Toy enthusiasts were at the Appalachian Fairgrounds Saturday morning to try and be the new owner of some rare pieces.

Around 4,000 construction machine toys and model trains were for sale, along with around 600 books depicting the vintage collectibles. 

The collection belonged to Ron Estep of McDowell County, West Virginia, who recently passed away. The auction was run by Mountain Empire Auction and the money will go back to the Estep family.

Mountain Empire Auction has an online auction feature that allows bidders from all over the world a more convenient way to shop. We spoke to Ralph Clarke with Mountain Empire Auction who tells News 5, "You sign in, you can see the auction, you can see the item you're bidding on, and you can hear the auctioneer."

Clarke went on to say that with the online feature, people from all over the world can bid on items, and that's exactly what happened today, "We have a couple of people signed into the United Kingdom." Clarke said, "And one in Austrailia, 10 in Canada, and the rest are in the states."

Around 70 people were present for the auction and people as far as South Dakota showed up to bid. We've learned bidders spent a pretty penny to get their hands on the merchandise. Clarke tells us the average price for one of they vintage toys was around $80, and some sold for well over $1,000 each.

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