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UPDATE: Florida to seek death penalty for killer clown suspect from Abingdon

Sheila Keen Warren faced a judge Wednesday morning, and the state is seeking the death penalty Keen Warren faces a charge of first degree murder.

Keen Warren is also held without bond. She was transported from Virginia Tuesday night back to Palm Beach County, arriving around 9 p.m., according to our sister affiliate in West Palm Beach CBS 12.

The 54 year old Keen Warren is accused of killing Marlene Warren back in 1990. Detectives say Sheila dressed up as a clown and showed up with balloons and flowers at Warrens Wellington home, then shot her in the face.

There was not enough evidence at the time to charge Sheila.

However, detectives reopened the case in 2014. Investigators say it was DNA in the fibers from the clown wig that linked Keen Warren to the murder.

Keen Warren will now remain in the Palm Beach County Jail until her trial date is set.



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