Washington County VA

Two dead in single-car accident

Investigators say a domestic dispute may have led to crash

Fatal crash in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - UPDATE 12/3/2013: The two victims in the accident were identified. Detectives also determined that one of the victims had been stabbed before the accident. Click here to read more.


Two people are dead after a crash in Washington County, Tennessee. It happened Monday morning off of Knob Creek Dock Road.

Deputies tell us blood was discovered in one victim's home and now detectives believe a domestic situation lead to the crash.

Teresa Webb lives across from the crash scene. "It went 'boom' and then [there was] another boom. I just jumped up put my clothes on and ran outside," she said.

Webb tells us when she realized there was a car accident, she called 911 and waited for crews to arrive. "We couldn't have gotten close to the car because it was already on fire. The trees and the woods were already on fire," adds Webb.

Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff Ed Graybeal tells us a man and woman died in the crash. "They went over the rocks. The car hit the tree, flipped upside down where it is laying now and caught fire," he said.

We're told the car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible.

Sheriff Graybeal says investigators aren't sure how fast the car was going, but there were no skid marks. "It doesn't appear that they hit any brakes. They just lost control and maybe tried to overcorrect, ran off the roadway. You can see how high they went up the tree once they went off the road and flipped over," he explained.

Detectives tell us they found a lot of blood inside one of the victims' homes and they are treating this as a domestic situation.

Webb tells us she's just thinking about the victim's families. "I would never wish that on anybody and I pray for their families," she said.

Graybeal tells us their remains will be sent for an autopsy while working to confirm the victims' identities.

Sheriff Graybeal tells us they are taking the car to their garage and searching the home to see if they can figure out what led to the crash.

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